It is what it is.


I work with such perverts, lol.

  • Me: Can I have change please? Singles and rolls.
  • Nathan: Let me put the rolls in this empty box bcos you have small hands.
  • Me: I can hold all of them.
  • Nathan: You're small, but *says something in Jamaican*..
  • Me: LOL
  • Nathan: Did you understand me?
  • Me: Lol, I may be small, but I can handle it.
  • Nathan: Lol, that's exactly what I said.
  • Rudy: *turns around* O_O
  • Me: Lol, what? I'm small but I can handle it.
  • Rudy: You're standing between two black guys, what do you think I'm gonna think of that statement.
  • Me: LMAO, I'm just gonna shut up now.
  • ..besides, don't they KNOW that my boyfriend is black? Lol, DUH ;)